Multimc: free launcher for Minecraft

Multimc: free launcher for Minecraft for Windows

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  • Version: 0.6.7

Free custom launcher for Minecraft

MultiMC is a free and open-sourced launcher for Minecraft. This game utility will completely replace the Mojang-supplied launcher with great improvements. It allows users to have multiple and cleanly-separated instances of Minecraft—each with their own saves, texture packs, and mods. It also helps manage them and their associated options using a simple and powerful interface. Moreover, it makes setting up profiles and managing your play experience very simple. It also lessens the fuss of messing around with mods by many folds and simplifies the process of making discrete profiles. If you are heavily into modding and are looking for a way to manage multiple instances, this app is a must-have.

Flexible launcher

For those Minecraft players who put a lot of mods in their game, MultiMC is practically a necessity, especially if you have multiple people using Minecraft in your house, each with their account. The app helps you organize your bundles of mods to avoid corrupting or tweaking other people’s accounts.

MultiMC is a portable app, which means installation will be a breeze. All you need to do is extract the archive of the current version of the program for your operating system. Moreover, the app is completely self-contained and houses all your Minecraft stuff. This makes it a perfect fit for cloud storage or a location on your local machine that is, otherwise, automatically backed up.

MultiMC also comes with a very simple interface, allowing you to easily add instances. You only need to authenticate your account with the Mojang servers. Each instance you create will have unique settings, including single-player worlds, multiplayer lists, screenshots, logs, and any installed resource packs. And to make it easier for you, you can organize your instances by category and assign an icon for them.

MultiMC also allows you to copy Minecraft worlds you’ve created before. The process is very simple—provided you exercise caution. You need to be wary of the Minecraft version where you created the world. Moreover, you need to enable the mods you’ve used in the creation and maintenance of the worlds.

Overall, MultiMC is a great app to have if you are an avid Minecraft player. But there are still some drawbacks that you need to consider. And perhaps the biggest blow to users is the fact that installing Minecraft Forge through MultiMC is pretty much dead water. You cannot install it on Minecraft versions newer than 1.13. However, support for Forge on the older version of Minecraft still stays. 


  • Supports multiple instances
  • Flexible
  • Allows users to copy their created worlds
  • Easy to install


  • Installing mods and resource packs using the app can be confusing
  • Some instances freeze when launched
  • No more support for Minecraft Forge

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Multimc: free launcher for Minecraft


Multimc: free launcher for Minecraft 0.6.7 for PC

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